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Lightning on a Pi

Setting up a Raspberry Pi lightning full node


Pi's are awesome, the Lightning network is awesome! So what could be cooler than combining them? While I'm delighted with my Pi lightning node, it wasn't easy getting here. If you have a perfectly good Ubuntu machine sitting around you may want to set this up there instead. However, if you are as stubborn as me and determined make your pi do some awesome, then continue!

Announcing Blockchain Training by Velas Commerce

The world of Blockchain is exploding and along with it the preponderance of incomplete, confusing, and at times questionable information surrounding it… information which only gets you half there and leaves you wondering if you’ve just boarded the bus for the next big thing, or are just being taken for a ride. Let us clear up the confusion and deliver information and education which will demystify crypto and change the way you understand its place in your life and in your business.