While much of the work Velas Commerce does is confidential, below is a selection of the types of projects that are in the Velas portfolio.

Bitcoin and Lightning payment platforms

Velas builds Bitcoin and Lightning custom software and payment platforms to allow businesses to accept Bitcoin payments both via an API and in person by connecting to point of sale systems.

Velas specializes in building custom software as well as using existing open source software such as BTCPay Server.

Enterprise grade payment processor

Our client needed an enterprise grade Bitcoin and Lightning payment processing software built fast and made to last.

Using a range of Bitcoin, Lightning, dev ops, and scalable cloud computing solutions, together we built a payment processor that powers some of the biggest projects in Latin America.

At the heart of the engine is BTCPay Server, Bitcoin Core and LND.  These components were built for seamless horizontally scaling.

The project started in MVP and has since gone into full, enterprise grade production environments and has seen a range of liquidity automations as Bitcoin and the Lightning Network continue to evolve.

Our solution:

  • Customized, scalable BTCPay Server complete with Greenfield API
  • Automated liquidity management application 
  • Virtual private cloud consisting of multiple Lightning nodes, both Testnet and Mainnet
  • Full client testing, development and production environments complete with automatic code deployments
  • Scalable AWS infrastructure

Payment Processor Lightning Integration

Bitcoin and Lightning Network experts were needed fast.  Payment infrastructure was being connected and built but experts were needed to connect the dots.

We partnered with our client and their existing dev team to build a ground-up Bitcoin and Lightning powered payment processing backend.  

The project included liquidity automation, full production and testing environments using LND and BTCPay Server.  

Together we developed a resilient payment infrastructure that has been crucial to the success of the project.

Our solution:

  • Production and test environment BTCPay Servers complete with Greenfield API integrations
  • Testing and Mainnet LND lightning nodes, including backups for 24/7 operation
  • Easy, low maintenance, resilient software utilizing the best open source software

Mobile application Lightning integrations

Velas builds and integrates mobile applications to add Bitcoin and Lightning payments and features. Our development team is experienced in bolting Lightning functionality onto existing projects and into existing code bases. Velas has built projects of this sort using open source software such as LND, LDK and Breez SDK.

Bitcoin & Lightning Powered Local Groups Application

Picnic Groups connect people with like-minded interests to join group discussions, share information and participate in local activities and events.

Picnic, is a fully integrated with Bitcoin and Lightning allowing app users to pay with bitcoin for local events like surf lessons, yoga classes, catering and more!

Our Solutions:

  • Fully integrated the existing app using the Breez SDK, Voltage, and LND for nearly instant, low cost bitcoin payments
  • Developed an intuitive UX aimed at providing super simple bitcoin payments for app users and event organizers
  • Implemented a fully functioning in-app, non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning Network wallet
  • Built with React Native, Node JS, AWS for great UX and scalability that works on both IOS and Android devices

Bitcoin and Lightning Powered Workout App

The Workit App will allow users to join challenges and get rewards for keeping fit!  Currently running on Testnet in development.

Workit features a built-in Bitcoin Lightning wallet that is used to gamify and incentivize app users to stay active and get fit!

Velas solutions:

  • In-app, fully non-custodial Bitcoin Lightning wallet
  • Gamified bitcoin rewards for user engagement
  • Core Lightning server node
  • App specific Lightning Service Provider backend in charge of liquidity and channel management
  • Lightning Dev Kit (LKD) and Bitcoin Dev Kit (BDK) powered mobile nodes for IOS Swift

Bitcoin and Lightning Focused Website Development

Velas Commerce has deep roots in e-commerce web development.  We have been building websites and integrating Bitcoin since 2014.  We are full-stack and work on a variety of content management systems, including WordPress and Drupal.

If your business needs a professional grade e-commerce website, complete with the flexible payment options your customers demand, we are the dev shop for you.

Bitcoin Lightning WebLN Powered Website

Crypto Chicago’s mission is to keep Chicago in the Loop on Bitcoin.  

The website features the best news, resources and educational content from all over the world of Bitcoin.  Crypto Chicago is fully WebLN integrated, allowing users to zap news posts and connect their wallets via an intuitive browser extension.

Our solutions:

  • Complete WordPress website design and build
  • Full WebLN integration for fun and easy bitcoin lightning features
  • Experimental LNBits integration for sending user rewards
  • Bitcoin – US Dollar – Satoshi converter
  • Bitcoin calendar showing lots of cool events and milestones in Bitcoin throughout the year
  • Built with: WordPress, Alby Wallet, WebLN, LNBits

Check out the site at

Try out the fun bitcoin quiz and test your skills:

Full E-Commerce Site Development

MushMore has a mission: and it is to create a sustainably sourced product line that combines modern technology with holistic plant medicine to create organic mushroom supplements that are highly personalized to the needs of each member of our community.

The Mushmore supplements website is a trendsetting online store, offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.  

This full e-commerce site features a suite of flexible payments for their customers, including: Bitcoin both on-chain and via the Lightning Network, Cash App, Venmo, as well as traditional credit card payments.

This flexibility allows customers to pay however they prefer, increasing site revenue and expanding the customer base.

Velas solutions:

  • Complete e-commerce website design and build
  • Maximum interoperability and easy using standard tech stack
  • A full suite of flexible payment integrations
  • Complete, non-custodial control of Bitcoin payments for site operators via BTCPay Server
  • Resilient site build with redundancy to keep operations live 24/7

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