Here are the rules:

  • Enter a Bitcoin Lightning Address to get rewards.
  • If you need a Lightning Address, get one here: https://lightningaddress.com/#providers
  • Each complete answer earns you 10 satoshis.
  • Don't worry, if something goes wrong, you still have 3 tries per Lightning Address.
  • For quizzes, rewards are based on correct answers.
Rewards are not currently available for this quiz. You can still take the quiz if you want though ; )


#1. What would be a cooler feature:

#2. We are planning to implement payment splits to help fund the maintenance of our project. This means that for every X satoshis sent as a user reward, a small percent will be sent to us.

#3. What is the main issue you experienced when testing out our quizzes so far?

Select all that apply:

#4. Please write a recommendation for improvement:


Processing Your Rewards

Calculating Rewards
Using your Lightning Address to generate Bolt 11 Invoice
You earned Calculating... Satoshis.
Sending Reward Payment
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