Innovative, open source, commerce solutions is what we do. We are here to implement new solutions for your business from e-commerce site builds to cryptocurrency and Lightning integrations to peer-to-peer marketplaces and streaming services. 


The Lightning Network is cutting edge payment technology. It is a second layer to open Blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, which enables, fast, scalable, streaming, privacy protecting, and cheap transactions. Lightning is a front-line, powerful, and transformative technology with far-reaching potential. 

Blockchain Consulting

In such a new space, understanding the lay of the land and finding qualified professionals to assist your business can be a challenge. Velas provides both training and consulting services from industry leaders to help your business stay ahead of the curve.

What we're about
Open, Accessible, Decentralized Technology

Velas is on a mission to get the world using better technology, particularly open and decentralized technology. If you’re considering crypto-currencies or blockchain technology for your business our integration experts can help. If you need to educate yourself or your work force on blockchain technology, our education team can help. Velas provides educational resources, one day courses for busy business professionals, consulting and crypto integration services. We’ll educate you on the why’s and assist you with the how’s.